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Monday, February 24, 2014

Working, activities, and all sorts of life=no time to blog

I started working at a large ski center a few weeks ago.  A temporary position at minimum wage doing kitchen help and serving customers at the food court there.  Not my dream job, but a job.  Freelance writing has slowed down with a LOT of competition for the higher priced articles, and the nursery school requires children whose parents can pay even the modest little $35 a week I charged for 5 days.  but alas, winter around here is very low income, as most jobs are seasonal and depend on the summer resorts, camp grounds, and activities.  So I needed to get some extra income rolling in, even at a low wage.  And it is fun baking, serving soup, and doing whatever needs to be done, and  having coworkers again is really nice, having been so isolated working from home and taking care of the kids these past few years.

I have a number of applications in for jobs in my original career field and hope that one or two will pan out.  I have expanded my search up to 300 miles from here, with the intent, obviously, to relocate if the job is more than a 60 miles away.I do have an interview via phone on Friday with a company 60 miles away, so if I end up making it to the job offer, I know I could commute for a while until I really had enough to move into a good house and such, which is ideal.  Preferably one that I can bring my chickens with me.  So it may mean saving up after I get debts/bills caught up, and trying to find a place to give me a house loan. finding a handicap accessible place that allows dogs AND chickens is a bit of a high hope, but nothing is impossible.  And who knows when a career oriented job will pan out SOON.

Between work, winter festivals, the kids visiting with their other parent, arranging child care now that I am working and they were off school for a week, doctor appointments, roof leaks, ceiling damage, rearranging rooms, running out of propane (!) has been really busy, and cold, and wet.... So I have not had time to blog or food track.  My blood sugar levels have been good though, so all of this activity is good for me.

I am grateful for a job that is fun
I am thankful for income to help me keep up with my expenses and bills
I am grateful for a roof over my head, holes and all
I am grateful for electric space heaters and grill propane tanks that help us have heat and hot water even when the big tanks are empty and the furnace out of commission because of it
I am thankful that there are jobs I can apply to and thankful for the hope of a better tomorrow
I am thankful that Josiah's motorized wheelchair will be here this week
I am thankful that I currently have a home that can accommodate him and his wheelchair
I am grateful for the school's ability to transport my children to their programs
I am grateful that they are old enough to be able to handle having a babysitter
I am grateful that I have a support network that understands my kids and thier issues (the behavioral ones being the most difficult), that I am able to work even when there is an unexpected snow day or my planned sitter calls in at the last minute
I am grateful that my kids handled it well, well enough to ease my nerves about gong back to work full time
I am thankful for a healthy puppy and an old dog whose health has gotten back to normal after a scare a couple of weeks ago that we were going to lose her
I am thankful that i was able to buy fresh fruits and veggies fro the family yesterday, and the kids enjoyed grapes and strawberries with their breakfast and bananas for snack when they got home from school.
I am thankful that I know that life is good, even when circumstances are challenging, life is still good, very, very good!