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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A short update

Okay, so this April has been a whirlwind of activity...

First off JM has moved in, earlier than we had talked about our our relationship is still young, but I live in a very rural, isolated area, and finding a year round full-time job is very difficult, especially one with benefits.  Well a job opened up in JM's field, and we agreed that applying was the best idea as it would likely not come around again soon.  So even though we are moving in a few months before we had talked about, I think it will be okay.  I had not planned to still be getting to know each other and each other's histories while co-habitating  but the present is now and the past is past, so we can focus on who we are now and where we want to go from here.  So a week ago JM moved in, and started orientation and training at work.  The kids are adjusting well, JM is adjusting to the kids well, and life is in the process of finding a new normal.

The snow is finally almost gone, just a few stubborn snowbanks left and many areas area already thawed and the mud dried up, though still some frozen ground spots and some muddy, recently thawed spots.  The fire pit is finally out of the snow, so we cooked hot dogs over a little campfire last night in the backyard, though it got cold fast as the sun was going down.  I did finally get my seeds planted in seedling cups (well egg cartons and re-purposed empty single serve fruit cups and yogurt.  Hopefully many will grow well and the frost risk will be gone by May 15th, though May 30th at the latest.  It has been a slow spring, but sometimes that means that the last frost will be in early may instead of a surprise cold snap in late May.  So looking forward to a good garden this year--lots of variety of veggies and herbs, and a a few different kinds of some veggies. I still have more to plant, but planted the longer season ones now, and next week will plant the ones that are shorter--mainly because I ran out of containers.

Kids are doing well....I had their annual CSE meetings and BOTH are flourishing in their current programs. Both will continue those programs next year with minor changes that give them a little less support int eh hopes that they are ready to be a little more independent.  Both still have a VERY high level of support, but weaning them down is good.  I am very proud of my boys for how hard they have worked towards their own success, and very grateful to all the school program personnel (so many more people than just the teacher, though the teacher is obviously a central force included in that) for the progress and attachments the kids have experienced this year.

Monday, April 8, 2013

quick post

This is just a quick post to say hi and let you all know I'm still here.  Life has been very busy, a lot of changes coming up--job, babysitter, significant other...a lot of sickness just passed--colds, flu, ear infections,sinus, fun, fun.... so, yeah, the snow is slowly melting, mud season is upon us here in the mountains (low lying areas are already snow free and dry ground, I still sink up to my knee in the snow in the back yard), windows are open airing out the house finally, and the birds have started to return.... yippee.... I am so ready for spring...need to get my seeds started this week for the garden too....

I actually have a couple of other posts that I started but have not yet finished, so i will get back to at least one of those, hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday.

BUT I just wanted to write a quick hello to all my neglected internet people.... Happy Spring :) !