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Friday, May 9, 2014

300 lbs and showing sings of malnutrition?!?!

SO...had a doctors appointment today....for those who think that health is an easy, linear, straightforward kind of are CRAZY!!!  Nothing seems to make sense...

I have been following my doctors recommendation on prescription drugs, insulin (both slow acting and fast acting--so 5 needle sticks a day to administer, plus 5 finger pricks to monitor), sticking to a healthy diet with very little cheating, even reducing gluten amounts and cutting out refined sugars, and slowly adding in more physical activity.

So my blood works shows that:
My fasting blood sugar is below 150 on a regular basis (amazing considering it was nearly impossible to get it below 250 for the past couple of years)
My A1C is down to 7.4 WHOOHOO--almost normal for the first time in nearly 5 years!!
My kidney functions have returned well into normal
My liver function enzymes are well into normal ranges, not even close to high!
Also my blood pressure and vitals all are fine....

And my albumin levels are showing signs of malnutrition, not getting enough nutrients....AND my weight went UP by over 10 pounds instead of down....

So that is just so crazy--why is my  weight going up and my nutrient absorption going down?
Why, when everything else (blood sugar levels, kidney, liver, blood pressure, etc...) all are going in
the right direction, somehow both my physical weight and my nutrient absorption are going the wrong directions!?!?!

Maybe it is a body mind thing..I have been struggling greatly with severe depression (worse than I have had in over a decade), and so I did talk to my doctor about that as none of the coping techniques that I learned and that have WORKED over the past decade seem to be touching the slow downward spiral that I have been dealing with for the past few months.  So I am going off one of my medications as it reacts with ALL of the class of anti-depressants that work for me (15 years ago I felt like a guinea pig as we tried a myriad of different psychotropic drugs to balance my brain chemicals and only one class of anti-depressants worked--SSNRI.  Of course the insurance does not WANT to cover them.  And the one I was on previously interacts very badly with another drug I am on.   So we are trying to get coverage for a newer drug in that class that hopefully will work, but it is jump through hoops for the insurance time to get it covered, because they would rather cover something that does NOT work than pay for the more expensive drug that DOES work.

Hopefully with my depressive and anxiety levels back under control, and doc says stop the gluten reducing, maybe my weight will start going down and my nutrient absorption will start going up.  Stress releases all sorts of chemicals that interfere with the way the body works, which may be why the weird results when everything else is raveling in the right direction.  

It is never as straightforward as you would think it should be....sometimes you can be doing almost everything "right" and things still do not work well....and weight loss while on insulin is difficult at best and near impossible at worst.