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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A quick hello

Sorry for the long delays and lack of posts lately, I am still waiting for my good computer to return, and it should be here any day now.  Things have been busy.  I have negotiated an interesting deal about the house, which will hopefully lead to both a good place to live and a great place to do child care.  I have started the paperwork to become a registered day care provider, so that ball is rolling.  Hopefully by mid-January that process should be done and I should be approved.  I have also decided with the bigger space that I will pursue another avenue I have been wanting to do for a long tie but the timing was just not right.  I have put in an inquiry on become a foster parent.  So we will see where that leads.  I know that from inquiry to placement is often a year or two, so starting the process now puts us well into having everything else solid by the time any placements would occur.

My car is still in the shop.  The total estimate was over two thousands dollars, so I talked to my step father and he can do a couple of the things that are needed --one of which the garage estimated would be nearly $1000 parts and labor, parts being more than half.  But looking online I can find the parts for less than a 1/4 of what he quoted, so my step father is going to do that one.  So the garage is doing the struts, wheel bearing and new tires.  It should be ready tomorrow afternoon!!

My chickens are doing well, getting feathers and liking being in the big coop.  I am worried that they will get too cold over the next couple of days.  I still have the box with a light in it that they sleep in to keep warm.  But unlike the past few days with temps in the 40's and 50's, the lows are heading into the low twenties (my two button does not work on this computer so I have to write out all numbers that contain a two).  The forecast is an 80% chance of snow tomorrow, and not just flurries but accumulations of up to 6 inches!!!  What a way to have first snowfall of the year!  sheesh!!!

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