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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Packing....planning..... and birthday boy

Okay, so this weekend will be taken up with packing and moving most of our things down to the new house.  The new house is not done, though we are getting closer and closer.  As it stands I have to be out of our apartment by March 15th, which is Thursday, as the landlord has rented it, so I can not extend it any further.  The kids will go and stay with A for probably about a week or so, and I will stay at my father's house while we work on finishing the new house.  What a huge job this has been.

I finally took some pictures of the progress, though I do not have a before picture.  Here are a few shots of the house in renovation:

These were actually taken about 2 weeks ago, but I just now uploaded them to the computer.  Much has been done, though most of the work of renovation and construction is not easily visible, as plumbing and electric, insulation and other very important and time consuming things, tend not to have the "wow" effect of things like new walls going up, or paint or carpet.  We are nearing the "wow" phase, when the work will be very visible, and as it gets completed, things will actually be in the final stages. 

But this week also held Gonzo's 9th birthday!!!

I will do a post soon about this amazing little man, who for the first time in his school career, has the right supports, with the right teachers, with the right focus, and because everything is finally in the right places, HE IS DOING GREAT AT SCHOOL!!!!  It took a while, and a lot of trial and error, but finally  he is having a successful and positive school experience, and can now learn and grow, and have all the wonderful experiences that school has to offer.  I am hoping it takes us less time to reach this point with Josiah, but I know it is possible.  Looking back at Gonzo in Kindergarten reminds me that Josiah's school start has been easier than Gonzo's was, and I know it will all come together, eventually.  I just have to keep advocating for his needs, countering non-productive attitudes, insisting on appropriate treatment and understanding of his issues, and being open to trying new things.  Gonzo has been a shining example this year of how amazingly a child can shift when given the right level of supports.  This amazing 9 year old (9!) overcomes many challenges, and many horrors in his past, and after having been with us for 6 years, is starting to finally thrive.  I am very proud of my son.  And I will write more later on him and his amazingness....(I know it is not a word, but it is fun to say, and should be a word...)

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