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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Healing can be itchy...

I got a sunburn last week while out in the canoe with my love.  Just on the tops of my legs, from the knee to the edge of my shorts, so like 6-7 inches of sunburned skin on each leg.  It was slightly painful to the touch (or rub when you move in your sleep and it rubbed against the bed--ouch) for a few days, then got that weird mottled look right before showing a nice golden tan underneath. Of course to get to that nice tan, the burned layer of skin needs to slough off...which is part of the healing process, and it is itchy!!  So for the past couple of days I have been itching off little bits of dead skin.  My son asked why my skin looked weird, and I told him, then I added that sometimes healing can be itchy.

And I realized that is very true for all kinds of healing...even emotional hurts....the healing process is sometimes uncomfortable, slightly painful at times, irritating, rough, somewhat annoying, a bit ugly, and yes, even itchy.  But at the end of that, is fresh, beautiful, healed skin, hearts, souls, it is totally worth it. As I have been facing some interesting challenges and decisions lately, I have realized that some of the reasons I am facing these challenges is that I have been seeking healing for some stuff that has gone on over the past few years (some of which I will be posting on over the next two weeks).  The Universe, the Powerful Consciousness of God, my Source that knows me better than I know myself, has been amazing in presenting me with the situations, people, and circumstances that have been instrumental in helping on this road to healing...between my significant other, my sister, my other sister, my mother, my children, my ex, poultry, job situations, and a variety of other people, places, and things, that need me in their lives as much as I need them, I have been growing more lately than I had for a while.  Everything happens for a reason, the people (and circumstances) we need come when they can teach us something and we can teach them something.  And healing is is is somewhat annoying, especially when facing something I have faced before and not listened to my intuition, to be given a chance to heal and learn a lesson in a new way, with a new is a great gift....

and an itchy one... :/

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