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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm NOT "so tired..."

Have you ever had one of those self-conversations that you have out of habit?  You know, where you talk to yourself in your head about something?  And you have the same thing to say everyday?  Okay, so...

I realized I have this little, almost subconscious conversation with my self every time I sit down in the library to start writing.  And it usually is the first time I have really sat down (aside from driving) that day, and it goes like this:

{sit down} "whew!  Ahh.  <sigh>"
{shift a little to get the computer in the right place and my butt in a more comfy spot on the chair} "boy am I so tired."

I was going thru my little ritual this morning, which is the first time I actually noticed it.  And I realized that no...nope.....un-uh...I am NOT so tired....

I actually feel more alert and awake today than I usually do...

Well, there is something that is new.  That is a step in the right direction.

In a seemingly LONG period of a life in Transformation, changes seem to occur so slowly from my perspective--I'd love to just wake up thin, strong, healthy, happy and at Peace one day.  But I am smart enough to know that unless I change both my attitudes and my actions, that is not going to happen.  So when I realize that SOMETHING is different, it gives me great satisfaction.  I have been taking this transformation of life thing very slowly.  Not necessarily consciously, but certainly there were underlying subconscious reasons for my slow progress.  After all, we all say we WANT change, but how many of us really do?

I realized this subconscious holding myself back problem a few months ago.  But I had not really done much with that wonderful and potentially powerful realizations (stored fat as with stored ideas have LOT of potential, but unless you apply force, they remain un-actualized potential...its the laws of physics...).

So let me start with a few things from last week, which was a very busy week.  My sister and her family from South Carolina were visiting, and as I only see them twice a year, I spent a lot of time after picking the kids up from school going to whoevers home they were at (my other sisters' houses, my fathers, my mothers, etc...).  So it was a bit of a crazy, almost never home, week as we leave at 7am to take the boys to school and would not get home most nights until 9pm (making it late nights for the boys as well).  On Thursday, My sister and her husband (the ones from SC) asked if anyone needed a blender, and I have been looking for a blender at the second hand shops, and so I said I would love to have it.  So they passed on a brand new blender to me.  You see I had been trying to figure out ways to get more veggies into my body and had been reading some about green smoothies, so was looking for a blender so I could try it out.  I figured if I blended veggies I could drink them, and thus be more likely to add them to my regular habits.  But I was searching half heartily because the sound of a green smoothie, well just made my palate want to shrivel.

Then Saturday was my Mom's CD release party.  Her first CD "We'll Get Through" is finally out there in the world, and the party on Saturday was a thank you celebration for all the people and community who had been so supportive of her music over the years.  She has been a local musician for well over a decade, even was on Nashville's star search about 12 years ago and won.  She recorded a couple of songs then, but life got in the way, and she did not even touch on the music business (aside from playing locally often) until a couple of years ago, when she requested the mastered copies of her two songs.  The producer had them digitally remastered, and when he listened to them again, he was very excited and asked her if she had written more.  Of course she had, and she and Jim (my step father) had been doing a lot of local performances.  So they were invited back down to Nashville to record some more songs, and recently were picked up by Tate Music Group.  So it is all very exciting, and there was a big shindig.  They did a raffle and donated the monies to the local Community Action Agency.  They invited a number of other local artists to come and sing, and even set up their karaoke machine towards the end.  It was a great night.

A came after work and I sent the kids home around 9:30 (after they had each gotten to sing a couple of songs--Josiah is such a showman, and Gonzo was not going to be left out...).  So A took them home for me and gave them baths (they were filthy) and put them to bed.  I stayed to finish out the night and help with the clean up.  It was about 10:30 when I got home, bringing my dad with me.  As A is still living at my Dad's house, I figured he could catch a  ride home with A.   So by the time they headed out and I got the kids fully settled into bed (they were still awake (overtired) when I got home but they were in their beds).  By then it was around 11:15pm.  I had been up until 2am the night before getting some posters for the event finished (my computer issues made it so late).  I was exhausted, but my mind was still buzzing, so I thought "I'll just watch part of a documentary on Netflix to wind down before I go to sleep.  (I love documentaries and have been watching a bunch on agriculture, health, food supply and other challenging our world today--having worked in agricultural research for nearly 10 years, I am always interested to see how things are going). 

So, I picked a movie that I thought looked kinda uninteresting (I was trying to lull myself to sleep remember), and within 5 minutes I was riveted.  I was so impressed and inspired by the movie "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" that I stayed up until 1am to watch it.  It was so compelling to me, that I ended up getting up before the kids the next morning and watching it again.  Perhaps it is because so much of what I have been thinking about was brought up in it, or perhaps because I was just finally ready to hear it, it just moved me.  To watch two people, one of whom I "get" (Phil the 429 lb truck driver), truly and completely transform their lives is so little time with so little effort (but a HUGE mental, emotional commitment). 

It finally dawned on my--If I truly want to transform my life, really turn it around, I have to get off the road I am traveling on, not just pull into the other lane like I have been doing.  I have to do something more drastic and radical with my life.  If I want to get well, I have to live well, not just toy with idea.  If I want my body to be healthy, I can't just tweak things here and there, I am WAY too far down the road of unhealthy to be able to get back with little changes.  It is time to reboot my life.  While the movie focuses on a juice fast, with my current health a juice fast is not advised (the joys of type 2 diabetes).  So, I have done a lot of reading and such both before and after this past weekend, and have decided to go on a path of not just adding more fruits and veggies to my diet, but radically changing the way I think about the food I eat, and making my eating style to be predominately vegetables.  And yes, that blender is coming in quite handy.

So yesterday, after spending 3 hours and $300 on getting my car so it is safe to drive (still needs another $600 worth of work, but bit by bit is coming along), I went to the grocery store, not the usual discount food store I  tend to shop at, but a REAL grocery store, where they have a huge selection of higher quality produce, and I bought a LOT of vegetables and some fruit.  (can you tell I got paid last Friday, and I got the unexpected bonus of a couple of additional checks I was not expecting for a couple more weeks, so I was able to fix the car AND go shopping).  Last night when I got home, I made a green smoothie:
2 Kale Leaves
1 apple
3 celery stalks
1 mango
1/2 cucumber
1tbs spirulina
1 tbs flax seeds
and blended it all up.  It was tastier than I thought it would be.  I made the kids drink a couple ounces of it as I know having the extra nutrients will be a benefit to them.  I thought it was really tasty (the mango really was strong).  the kids did not like it so much and A came over after work and tried some as well, but did not find it as tasty, but okay.

It was sweltering hot (I know for those in the midwest it probably would have felt refreshing, but alas I am not used to heat near 90) so we had turkey sandwiches and strawberries for dinner.  I decided that that will be my last refined meal for a while. 

I am committing to starting today--TODAY--to truly transforming my relationship with food and my body.  For the next 30 days, I will eat only vegetables, fruit, nuts, and beans.  No canned food.  No processed foods.  No meat or dairy.  Only fresh food that has grown from the sunlight and the ground.  While not the 60 day fresh juice fast that the movie focused on, I know that this healthy, balanced, drastic change will help me on my path to a healthier stronger me, and will help reset my taste buds and my habits, so that as I add back in other foods--like eggs, fish, poultry and whole grains--that I will be able to do so without them taking over my body.  I plan to very rarely have processed foods again.  And as I change what I eat, I will begin changing what my children eat too.  While on Friday I shopped at our normal discount food place and bought a bunch of our "regular" food stuffs that the kids like, once it is gone, I will not be buying it again.  So while I do a drastic 180degree turn in my eating, I am going to take an incremental approach with my kids, doing less and less refined and processed foods and introducing more and more fresh, whole foods to their diets.  I have already been doing this, but at a slower pace than I should have been.  I will make them drink a couple of ounces of a green smoothie each afternoon though, treat it like medicine, so they benefit from the amazing micro-nutrient density of it, and who knows, maybe someday they will end up liking it and asking for it as a snack...

So today I made a smoothie for breakfast:
1/4 cantaloupe melon
1/2 cucumber
2 handfuls of Spring Mix baby lettuce
1 celery stalk
1/2 tbs flax seed
1/2 tbs spirulina

I took half and left half int he fridge for A (who still gets ready for work at my house as my father's hot water is thru a wood boiler and you have to start a fire out in the boiler like 30-60 minutes before you have the water hot enough for a shower.  As A prefers to shower in the morning, my house is easier).  It was too thick, and lacked something, but was still tasty.  I think tomorrow I will as 1/4 of a lemon and see if that helps.

I have also had 16 oz of unsweetened brewed iced tea, a 20 oz bottle of water, and a grapefruit.  When I get back in the car, I am going to have an apple, some spring mix and cucumbers, and some raw almonds.

so today is Day one of a drastic transformation leaf for this Life in Transformation.  Oh, and perhaps I am starting to feel the effects of more nutrient dense foods, because I am NOT "so tired..." today....

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