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Thursday, January 5, 2012

2 more pounds........and dentist saga continues

So.....I got on the scale this morning for the first time since before the holidays, and was afriad of what I might see.  Much to my joy and surprise, I actually lost another two pounds even with all the holiday eating and the candy that I am not supposed to have.  So yeah!!!  I am down another two pound--bit by bit it is coming off.

And I ask you for your prayers today, send your positive energy and your focused intention...Josiah is having a consult with another dentist.  I am extremely nervous about this, as this is the dentist that the other dentist (who gave us a run around for over 18 months before deciding they couldn't treat his teeth) referred us to as they do dental surgery at the hospital.  I am hoping that they will be a good dentist, a compassionate dentist, and one that will understand that his teeth continue to get worse the longer he is jerked around by dentists.  What should have been a simple small filling 18 months ago has gotten to the point of probably needing to be an extraction.

Please pray for calm and peace for me, and that I will have good insight inot whether or not this dentist is going to treat Josiah with the respect and medical care that he deserves.

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