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Saturday, January 28, 2012

framing almost done...Can you help?

Well, the framing in the new place is almost done.  I will try to remember to bring my camera today so that I can actually take  couple of pictures.  I had planned to do before and after shots, but still have not remembered my camera. The framing for the bathroom floor is in now, complete with the ramp supports.  It is goign to be so amazing to have a handicap accessible home for Josiah!  I ams o excited for him to have a space that is truly one where he can be more independent and has access to all parts of the house.  I have dreamed about this for a long time for him. Hopefully the plumbing and electric will come together quickly so we can get the inspections done ASAP.  My time is running out.  There will be someone here at the apartment to look at it on Wednesday.  So I am going to be speeding up my packing and cleaning, as well as planning for the very real potential that I will not have my certificate of occupancy at the house before I have to be out of the apartment (lease is up Feb 15).  So the  kids will have to live with A in the mean time, and I will probably stay at my Dad's house.  I hate to put the kids in limbo like that, but this has taken so much longer (four months instead of two), and my savings are all used up (literally), so I can not afford to pay for two places any longer, and am struggling to find the funds to buy the last of the materials needed to complete the house. 

I am going to ask you, my loyal readers, for a large favor.  Due to some circumstances beyond my control, I have run short on the funds I need to complete the house (particularly due to the dual housing costs, the high cost of Workers Comp insurance (which I had not budgeted for) and the multiple trips I have had to take to GF this month for all the dental appointments for Josiah and for the trips for the day care training.  On the right hand side of this blog, there is a place to Chip in and make a donation, and I am asking anyone who can, to please help me raise the funds to finish the house so that the kids and I are not floating in limbo for too long, and so we don't get so far behind on payments that we end up losing the house and all of the monies, times, sweat and dreams that have gone into it thus far.  I know this is not a good foot to start a new business from, but in the long run, it will be a definite asset to my family's stability.  Currently I make enough each month to just meet our basic expenses and needs (in ONE house), and I have invested over $7,000 into the house and day care business.  If you can help us reach the last $1,000 needed to complete the house and the final certification needs for the day care, you will be helping a family get back on their feet for financial stability.  You will also be helping me to provide a needed service for my town in providing state registered, well trained day care for the children so that parents can have an affordable, safe place for the kids while they work.  Thank you in advance for your generousity and your willingness to help others, like me, fulfill their dreams.

Thank you,

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