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Thursday, November 1, 2012

just touching base

I realized I have not posted in over a week.  I need to get back to posting 3-5 times a week.  But for right now, I just want to touch base.  I have not been walking much over the past week, mainly due ot the weather, but in part due to a VERY low energy level.  Usually walking or moving around helps build my energy level up, but this past week, it has not helped, so instead of making it 2+ miles a day, I am lucky if I can get my energy up enough to do 1/2 a mile.  So while I have tried, and pushed, and have gone more to weather protected places (stores, malls, etc...) to walk, I find that my energy level has not been rising.  I am looking into getting a YMCA membership as with winter coming, it would be good to have an indoor place to exercise.

Part of it I think is the grieving process, and though I have not been very conscious of how my friend's passing has been impacting me, I think it is a behind the scene process that is bringing my energy levels lower, and my overall mood lower.  Grief is not a bad thing, it is a part of life, and a sign of how amazingly a person impacted your life.  So it is just a process, and it is okay.  I just forgot how heavy even sub-conscious grief can feel.

Still plugging along with my journey towards health, though I have been less than stellar about food choices lately. Halloween candy and my birthday may have something to do with that.  Today is day 1 of a new plan of eating that I am committing to.  If I stay committed to it, I will share it.  resuming my spark people food tracking...using Nov 1st as a new start date.

Transformation is an ongoing, baby step process for me...every step forward is good, and steps backwards are not a real problem as long as I do not stop striving to move forward...

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Anonymous said...

Awesome post, where is the rss? I cant find it!