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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The fair, school shopping, and tax returns

Wow!  It has been over a week since I last posted.  I think this is the longest I have gone since starting this blog.  Okay so, the fair was GREAT!!  I had the most fun at the fair that I have had in years.  The kids were interested in so many things, which was great, and my sister and her two kids were with us for most of the rides so that G could go on some rides that J was too small for, and my sister's daughter and J could go on some smaller rides.  The kids also really enjoyed the shows (jugglers, magic, and puppet) for the first time, really paying attention to them.  And as always the animals were great.  This year J even reached out to pet some of the goats and sheep (previously he was too scared of them to touch them), and they asked all sorts of good questions, especially Jos.  It is amazing how much the difference between age 4 and age 5 is in that regard, he really has developed such a wonderful and genuine curiosity about the world and what he encounters, and is not shy at all about asking questions.  I actually budgeted correctly for the fair, brought a jug of coolade for the kids and prefilled water bottles for me, so that we did not spend stupid money on beverages which are horrible overpriced.  We had fun eating some traditional fair food, and had a set budget for games (and I carefully led them to games that they win a nice prize every time for about half of the ones they played).  And they are getting big enough to ride some of the rides I used to love as a kid, which was great to watch them enjoy them.  So, the fair was GREAT even with a drenching downpour we got caught in that required a full change of clothes and the purchase of some disposable rain ponchos (so that we did not have to do another clothes change as it was rainy much of the day).

Then this week we have been getting ready for school which starts next week.  We finished off the Dr. appointments with a trip for J to the Pulmonary doc and then the next day a trip to the dentist.  Both kids have freshly cleaned and polished teeth to start school.  AND Jos FINALLY has a date for his dental surgery (a project we have been working on...long story...since last July).  So September 22nd he will go in for dental restoration surgery and finally get his teeth fixed!!  I am glad it is finally getting done, I am NOT however, looking forward to anesthesia.  But, he will be okay, just his lung issue make me very nervous with the anesthesia.  But anyway aside from a couple of harder to find items (like new socks for under Jo's AFO braces), we are all set for the start of school on Tuesday.  Gonz will be in the same self contained classroom out of district this year as he was last year, he is technically in third grade, and does grade level or above work for most subjects, but need the extreme structure to contain him so that he can focus and be successful.  He is in a classroom that covers grade 2-5.  And he will have most of the same teachers and assistants as last year (most of the same kids too).  His only change will be a different one to one.  So I am looking forward to a better school year fro him this year as they already know him--his strengths and weaknesses, his cues for when he is nearing a loss of self control, and they know what works to help him maintain composure and also how to handle things in a positive and firm way when he dos push over the limits.    His big change will be that he will be riding a bus or van down instead of having me drive him.  But he will be the only one who goes at that time, so the peer-peer problems on the bus will not be an issue.  Jos is starting main stream Kindergarten, which will be good for him but will be quite a change.

On one more note, a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, after months of waiting and dealing with an IRS audit, I have finally gotten my income tax return and just in the nick of time.  Now I can pay rent a head a couple of months, get my heat paid ahead, and be ready for winter.  So if my freelance writing income is not quite up to par yet, I have a bit of a time cushion to continue finding some more sources of income to make ends meet.

Thank you God for providing exactly when I need it.

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