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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A quick hello...Going to the FAIR

Just a quick hello, as I have not posted in a week or so, which is odd for me.  But the kids are not in school right now, which is a major change from our normal routine.  Summer school ended August 12th so we have been cramming in a bunch of doctor appointments between summer school and the start of the regular school year on September 6th.  Tomorrow, though, is one of my favorite days of the entire year, and has been even since I was a little kids.  Tomorrow is FAIR DAY!!!  Since before I was born, our family has gone to the Washington County Fair on Thursday which is Children's day.  We still meet up with my cousins and their kids, and we experience all the joys of the agricultural fair.  Though I do not live in Washington County but it is still the fair we have always gone to.  I did miss probably 7 out of my 37 years (I went as a baby before I was 1 and as I will be 37 in October, that makes 37 years of fair going counting tomorrow).  It is not always easy when I was living out of state or if my college classes started prior to the fair date.  But the past few years I have been able to take the kids to the fair and enjoy watching them share in this family tradition.  Maybe someday we will have chickens or rabbits or sheep that we can actually show at the fair, when we get tot he point that we have a farm of our own. 

So, I feel a bit like a kid again as I am getting ready for the fair tomorrow. I have figured out a way to carry J's walker on his stroller so that can switch back and forth between the two easily.  This will be the first year we take his walker as previously he has not been very adept at using it, but now he truly walks with it, so it should be fun for him. I will have to take pics to post them.  Cows, chickens, rabbits, sheep, goats, piggies, turkeys, geese, ducks, chickens, chickens, chickens (not much has changed my favorite building at the fair is the poultry and rabbit house, where they have the most amazing display of rabbits, geese, turkeys, ducks guessed it...CHICKENS!!!!  I love chickens.  I have actually been working on repairing the old coop at my dad's house and getting a little brooder ready.  I may not be able to have chickens at home (as I rent an apartment) but I CAN have them at my dad's house.  So I have the stuff ready and am going to see if anyone is selling chicks at the fair.  If not I will mail order some with my next check.  Anyway, I am so excited about chickens, AND I am packing ear plugs for the kids as both of them have sensory issues with sound and the poultry house is LOUD, as well as the loud midway....The Fair....we're going to the fair....:)

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