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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas....

May you all be blessed this day with the amazing wonder of the first Christmas which brought the greatest energy of the most high God into human form, to walk among us, be vulnerable, and live with us as we are.  May you know this day that YOU are so important and wondrous that Christ came in human form to live with us, teach us, eat with us, laugh with us, cry with us, and just be with YOU in general.

May the joy of sharing gifts, sharing food, sharing time and laughter and tears be s gift that lifts your hearts, minds, and spirits high.

My pepperoni loving son was excited to see that Santa had put a huge pepperoni stick in his stocking "OH MY GOSH!!!  Santa gave me pepperoni!!"  That was Josiah.  Gonzo was so happy to open the only thing he asked for--a Bop It game, and has been having fun playing with it. We spent the night at A's house and Santa visited us there.  My Mom and step dad as well as my Dad and my brother all came over for Christmas Breakfast and to see the present opening.  Everyone is always amazing at how calm my kids are and how you have to keep encouraging them to open gifts,a s they have no problem stopping for long periods of time to play with what they have opened.  Later (if I can get the kids away from their other gifts) we are supposed to meet my sister Sharon and her kids at dynamite hill with their new sleds to go sledding.  Then we go over to her house for Christmas dinner.  We are bringing a turkey, which is roasting in the oven.  A will probably bring it directly to the house if I take the kids sledding because A is not fond of sledding.  So it works alright.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and amazing Christmas day!!

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