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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Supporting Reece's Rainbow

I actually started another post about education, which I hope to finish later and get it up here.  But first i wanted to give a quick head ups about a great organization that I have talked about before--Recce's Rainbow.  During the Christmas season, they do a huge fundraiser where you can sponsor kids who are waiting for their forever families, or you can sponsor adoptive families who are trying to raise the funds to bring home a child who needs a family.  The Merry Christmas Angel Tree banner in the upper right hand corner of this blog will take you to see the beautiful faces of many amazing children with Down's Syndrome, who are the Angels of Reece's Rainbow.  The amazing thing about Reece's Rainbow is that they started out with the focus of helping find homes for children who have little chance of being adopted--children with Down's Syndrome.  They have also become advocated for children with many different special needs--Like autism, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, HIV/AIDS, blind, deaf, arthrogopomorphism, hydrocephalus, FAS/FAE,  Apert Syndrome, cleft palate, etc, etc......  Please take a moment to look at the amazing children who are in need of special families, and, if you can, sponsor one of the children....

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