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Saturday, September 8, 2012

walking and forming new habits

As I have started driving my son to his school an hour away as of this past Wednesday, I have free time during the day, as I have to stay in the area of his school in case he has a meltdown and needs to be picked up.  So I have returned to my old favorite walking track around a beautiful pond.  The three days ai have driven him this week I have also gone to the pond and walked at least 2 miles each day.  This WILL BE a daily habit, and hopefully as my legs get more used to it, it will be more miles in the same amount of time.

Right now it is painful for my right leg and foot (the left seems fine).  But my shoes are older, though I can't afford new ones right now.  I got a blister on the bottom of my foot, at the ball of my foot--which is really weird, I have never gotten a blister there before.  My heel spur is also acting up on the right foot, and my knee has been stiff and sore--but it is all the process of working out the kinks.  It is like when an old car sits for a few week--when you get it fixed and going again, there are some rust spots on things like the brakes and springs, so you have a lot more squeaks and such as everything gets cleaned off from daily use.  So I think my body is like that.  While I have done some exercise over the past few months, I have not done much sustained walking.   So my body is working out the kinks.

What is nice though, is that walking helps release the muscle knots in my legs, as those seem to be the muscles that knot up on me when I am stressed, and I have been stressed often over the past year.  This is one of the times that I do miss A, as A used to massage out some of the knots in my calves, which is harder to do yourself. Hopefully walking will help work out all of those kinks and keep them from returning.

As of today I am putting myself on a much better diet.  I went to the ophthalmologist yesterday and was there for an hour (longest eye appointment that I have had), and I found out that I have the beginnings of some issues with my eyes (aside from the usual nearsightedness that I have had since I was 9).  So it is far past time that I need to pay attention to my physical health and not let all of the other stresses of life bowl over this very important aspect of my life.  I am using spark people again to track my food and my exercise, which will hopefully help me have better control over what I eat as it tracks not only calories but also major and some minor nutrient amounts.  The exercise tracking will be motivating as it will show not only what I did, it will also show me how I am improving over time.  So, getting back to transforming my life from the physical aspect, as well as some other aspects that are just happening due to changes I have already have to make, will hopefully improve my mood, my abilities as a parent, my sense of self, my ability to contribute to the world,and maybe even my interpersonal relationships.

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