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Monday, February 4, 2013

Sorry for the hiatus...

It has been a busy couple of week and i have not had a lot of time to blog. Tow weeks ago I started exercising at the YMCA in the mornings after dropping my son off at school.  the first week I had no hiccups and went all five days, exercising for at least 35 minutes each time, and then getting ready for my day.  Last week, the second week, I did not make it even one day as each day something came up that got int he way.

Monday the 28th, i had to drive out to Syracuse, which is 2 1/2 hours away on a good day, for the boys to have their appointment with their neuro-developmental specialist.  Of course I did not realize I was driving into an ice storm, as the weather said it was supposed to stay snow for the area I was traveling through until around 4pm.  Most of the way out was just snow, but as I got within 45 minutes of the hospital, i hit ice falling from the sky, so that last leg took a lot longer than expected, so we were late.  But then, most patients were coming in at odd times because of the weather, so they had a lot of chaos at the doctors office.  So we were in the tiny little room for 3 hours, which in the end created too much stress for the kids.  So it was meltdown city--a very difficult day.  Then the way back was in the midst of a massive ice storm and it took nearly 5 hours to get home.  It was one of the longest and most stressful days, particularly the drive home on ice covered roads where I had to keep stopping and scraping the ice off my wind shield.

So Tuesday I was exhausted, woke up late, realized Josiah had no school that day due to a staff development day at school,and ended up just vegging with him at home all day, and trying to recuperate from the exhaustion of Monday.

Wednesday Josiah had school but Gonzo's school was delayed, so I did not take my stuff for the gym because I would have to drop Josiah off and then run back up to drop Gonzo off.  But when we got to Josiah's school (an hour away from home), G's teacher's aide had left a message for them to give me to tell me that g's school had been closed for the day due to road conditions in the outlying areas.  So G and I had the day to hang out.

Thursday A had an interview and I was the ride to and from.  I had planned to work out that day and dropped some clothes off to A right after dropping Jos off at school, figured i'd have time to work out and then go back to give A a ride to the interview, but A asked me to stay for moral support.  The interview did go well, so hopefully A will be starting a new job as a car salesman again, which A does excel at.

Friday I dropped the kids off and then went to pick up someone who I met a few weeks ago who is becoming very special to my life.  I have found a person that makes me very happy, that I love talking to and spending time with.  While we live 2 hours apart, we are able to connect via phone and computer daily, and have spent at least a day together each weekend the past couple of weekends.  So, i had a wonderful Friday with a very special person.  Thank you J.

Today I did not go tot he gym as A was supposed to have another interview that I was going to be the chauffeur for, but alas when I go to A's apartment, I found that the interview had been canceled.  but I had not brought my workout clothes or even my sneakers, so there was no going to he gym.  So I ran around and did errands instead for a couple of hours and now I am at the library, trying to catch up on my woefully behind writing and blogging.  Tomorrow I will definitely be picking back up at the gym!  I felt good when I exercised every day!

And I will start food tracking again.  It is so easy to get away from it when life gets hectic and busy.  I need to find a way to solidify that commitment a bit more and make it more a natural part of my day rather than it being "something I have to fit in".  This week I am also getting blood work done and will schedule an appointment to see the doctor next week to go over the blood work and figure out how to manage my blood sugar better.  So, the ball is rolling on that.  I will post the results/decisions about that once I have them.

And I will be trying to get back to blogging 4-5 days a week, as I also am more motivated when i am sharing my eating, exercise, and other life transforming activities with all you readers.  Blessings abound to you.

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