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Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh my gosh I forgot to write about it....

A got a job!!  The car salesman is back in car sales.  While A has a degree in social work, there is always a point of burn out.  When A started selling cars after we adopted J, it was  match made in heaven.  A became number 2 in sales in a large dealership within a couple of months (beating people with years of experience), and stayed int eh number one or two spot for the duration of employment, which was longer than any job I had seen A have.  And A LOVED the work, loved making people happy getting them into a good car, loved the thrill of making the sale, loved the camaraderie and the competition with colleagues... 

But A's feelings and emotional health got tied up in success.  So when the car industry tanked and it was so hard to make a sale and get a bank to finance people, A's income and number of sales dropped, though still number one or two in the company, everybody dropped.  Then A's mother was getting weaker and weaker, and A started drinking again back in 2008 and it all just fell apart.  So to see A getting back into car sales, even though it is stressful, high paced, high energy, and commission based, it is amazing to see for me.  AND it means that A will not be at my house all the time, and I can relax more easily and feel more comfortable at home.  Hopefully A will get an apartment soon and move out of my Dad's house.  And then the boys can have time with A in an easier way for all of us.

I am glad that A and I are developing a good friendship.  And i am so glad that A is moving forward and taking steps towards building a new life.  I know I have been a bit of an enabler, and that some people may see me as not making the right choices with A, but I also know Who I am and what I need to do for myself.  in many ways, so many ways, my life would be easier if I just had walked away completely.  And when A was 200 miles away that would have been easy, but well, it did not sit well with me.  So I reach out and do what I do for reasons that are hard to explain.  But suffice to say that I am okay with them.

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