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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Interviews, Incomes, and Ideas....

Well, I had an interview via phone today with a company out near my ex's family.  it seemed to go well and I should hear by the end of the week or early next week if I am invited in for a face to face interview with the next person up the chain.  If that goes well there will be a final interview with the director of that division of the company.  And if that goes well, I may have a fair paying job, so a move of nearly 5 hours would have to commence and we would have to start the process of finding the right schools for the kids, and hopefully getting into an area where they are easy to work with as a team and not an "us and them" attitude school district.  But anyway, I made it to the first step in a potential job process.  Getting back to my career after four years away from it is an exciting possibility.

 As much as I like the way the schools have worked out for the kids here and that I enjoy being with family, and enjoying the peace and serenity of the mountains, there are just no jobs in my field here.  And the jobs that I could get outside my field barely pay above minimum wage, and few are year round.  So, I while I am doing fine now with the driving thing, that ends with the end of the summer school year in August.  I do not yet make enough in my writing to consistently support my family.  I grew up in a situation where we lived hand to mouth, barely making ends meet even with growing most of our own food, heating with wood, and not having things like hot water or consistent heat.  I know what it is like, as a child, to not be able to do or have the things that other kids have or do (and I am not talking big things).  While I do not begrudge the way I grew up, it made me a more resourceful person, and helped me to appreciate what I had and do have now.  I do not want my children and myself to live in the constant state of extreme stress that it can cause.  As unlike growing up, I rent instead of own and have no way to raise chickens for eggs or have a large enough vegetable garden to grow a years worth of food for preserving.  So the stress would be incredible in meeting basic needs of shelter and food, in addition to luxuries like heat, hot water, and electricity.  (I was 15 years old before we had hot water at my house, most of my childhood water was heated in pots on the wood stove and poured into the tub for bathing, or the sink for washing dishes, etc..).  Yes, I could spend some time fixing the old trailer we moved out of last year and thus live essentially rent free with a small wood stove to supplement heat, and I COULD make each dollar stretch as far as I have to.  People, friends and family members, do it all the time.  It is amazing how little you can actually survive on (my last 3 years adjusted gross incomes were less than $10K as an annual income for a family of 3, so it can be done, its just very stressful).  And if I have to do it (as we had to for various reasons), then of course I will and will find the joy and appreciate that I need to in that situation.  But if I don't need to do that...if the kid's additional care needs no longer NEED me to be a stay at home mom....if I am qualified for a higher paying job and can find one....If I can move to an area with more opportunities and still have loved ones around to help with the kids (that is the biggest thing, as you need family and friends support around)....if I can find a better situation than just surviving...shouldn't I do that? 

So, my idea is to blanket out my resume (more of a Circum Vita as it is four pages long these days and list only selected things, so it really is a CV not a resume) to a wide variety of jobs that I am qualified for, would enjoy doing, and are in an area that makes sense on a number of levels.  I also think I will pursue the idea of going back to school through a couple of programs that I still have time to apply for.  Having been out of the loop for so long at a mid-level career experience level makes it difficult to reenter the workforce without going a different avenue.  So I have a bunch of ideas that I am working on and sending out feelers to see what comes of it.  Of course, I plan to continue writing, and hopefully that will eventually translate into a self supporting hobby.

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