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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Making real progress...

Okay.... SO.....

Lots of progress on the house.... All coats of spakle are done aside from Gonzo's room (his room was the most done when I had to move stuff in in mid-march, and so it was full for stuff while we worked on everything else, and now is the last room to be done because we are finally moving stuff OUT--I had not thought of that before when I put it in there--still 90% of the spackle is done in his room, but it is definitely behind the rest, as it has not been sanded and painting has not been started, and will still need the window sealed and cased and the molding put up at the end, so I would say his room is about 60% done)

Kitchen 85% done--walls painted, appliances in place, counters mostly done...still need to finish the floor, put up molding, fix the leaky faucet, and hang the upper cupboards.

Bathroom 85% done--walls and ceiling painted, shower in and fully functional (finally), FLOOR DONE (that was my all day project--beautiful self-sticky vinyl tiles--classy I know---but they look great!)  now just to place the tub, toilet and vanity/sink (and attach it all to the plumbing which is ready and waiting for it--that should take less than a day--so by tomorrow I should have a fully functional bathroom--with only molding needed to finish it.

Josiah's room 90% done--walls, ceiling and closet painted, Just need to put up the paneling along the weird wall (long story, old building...), seal the window in and put the casing and molding up, and lay the carpet down.

Living room 98% done (well will be before I go to bed as there is only ONE wall left to paint), just need to fill in the molding on the new walls

My bedroom--95% done--walls and ceiling painted, just need to seal the window and do molding and casing (and clean the old carpet at the end (mine was the only existing room and the only part with existing carpet, which is now very dirty with construction crap)

 The Firewall--that massive pain is the hind quarters which has taken an ungodly amount of time, frustration, and materials, is 98% done!!!  Just the final coat of spackle in a couple of seams, the final bit of caulking where spackle can not be done, and finalizing the installation of the fire door.

Fire Alarms and CO alarms are installed and functional!

The day care area--well, as that really is the only area that I left just a large open space, there is not much to do with it for the final house inspection but clean it up.  Once I have to certificate of Occupancy, that area will become my focus, as well as the outside play area so that after I get my family settled into the house, I can really focus on getting the final set up and inspections for the day care licensing.  That is the next leg of my journey.

Well, I must move on to painting before I get ready for bed.  Pictures to come later this week--hopefully with a Certificate of Occupancy!!!!  Keep your fingers crossed for me and the boys.  With all of the weird stuff going on with A (my ex) I REALLY need to bring the kids home with me.  So, I NEED that CO to bring my kids home so I can parent them here (instead of parenting them at A's house, which is more difficult), AND A can calm down and get back to having less responsibility and enjoy the kids more when they have time there.  It will be a relief in so many ways for so many people when we can get back to our normal lives....

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