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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 1 recap

So yesterday I did a somewhat sloppy start to keeping near the general guidelines I had set out for myself in my preparation post (the more in depth rational for which can be found in through a variety of previous posts, too many to link to).

My DAILY goals:
-Eat 2000 calories a day or less
--Day 1 total 1990 calories

-Drink at least 100oz of water every day
--Day 1 total 76oz water

-Eat 120 grams of carbohydrate or less per day (as per diabetes educator rec), at least 1/4 of which are from fresh veggies
--Day 1 total 131 grams carbohydrate

-Eat 35 grams of fiber or more a day
--Day 1 total 24 grams fiber

-Eat 120 grams of protein or more per day (at least 25% from vegetable protein)
-- Day 1 total 131 grams protein, 16% from plant sources

-Eat 80 grams of fat or more per day (at least 10g from saturated medium chain veg fat (yes saturated, yes from plants))
  --Day 1 total 109 grams fat, 45 of which were saturated--all from animal base sat fat

-Eat at least 3 grams of Spirulina per day (max 20 grams)
--Day 1 total zero grams

-Eat at least 7 servings of vegetables(2 servings of Leafy Greens) per day
--Day 1 total 8 servings of veggies, no leafy greens

-Reduce refined sugar intake to less than 30 grams/day (incl. table sugar, candy, and sugars IN foods)
--Day 1 still trying to figure out how much was in the processed foods I ate.

-Eliminate wheat and wheat based ingredients
--Day 1 the only wheat base was on the onion rings breading

-Walk at least 1.5 mile per day at least 5 days per week
--Day 1 did not walk

-Meditate and/or pray for 20 or more minutes a day (can be broken down into 5 min segments)
--Day 1 meditated using Mary Hall's Accessing Your Divine Message through Healing with Masters, a one hour audio program

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