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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shifting from grumpiness to gladness I am not sure why, but I seem to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, and have been incredibly grumpy this morning.  My beloved children seemed to respond to my grumpiness by trying their darnedest to see how much grumpier they could make me.   So, it was a good example of the Law of Attraction, the more i looked at my grumpiness and all the things  in my life and in myself that I feel grumpy about, the more things seemed to come up that increased my grumpy mood.

So finally, I woke up to the fact that I was not going to improve my day unless I shifted my focused and find a way--ANY WAY--to feel better.  So I have been shifting my focus to more positive focuses--sending emails to some of the people who have been sitting on my heart, just to let them know that they are being thought about and that they are cared about in this world; trying to provide a yummy lunch for the kids with stuff that makes them happy (so lunch was pepperoni, cheese sticks, goldfish crackers, and sliced apples); and reading through a variety of information on increasing the gratitude in my life, which helped prepare me to do a gratitude list--which is the most powerful way to shift from a negative attitude to a positive one.  So I did my Day 3 gratitude list (click here).

While I am still in the shift from grumpiness to gladness, my mood, attitude, and focus is much improved from what I was experiencing and creating a few hours ago.  A good reminder to shift my focus in order to shift my day.  Now if I can just do that in the financial arena and count those blessings instead of looking at the challenges, then maybe I can shift into abundance...

My blessings for all of you who are reading--May you get teh desire to count your blessings and let it make you FEEL BETTER.

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