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Friday, July 6, 2012

Family Visit & Fun

So, my sister and her husband and two boys have been up visiting this week.  We only see them about twice a year as they live quite a few states away, so it is wonderful when we get a chance to spend time with them. Yesterday we went to the Adirondack Museum, and had a wonderful time.  My kids enjoyed playing with their cousins.  We did take Josiah's wheelchair, as it was  a LOT of walking.  I will post a couple of pictures of the kids (I don't like to post other people without asking first).

Then we had a picnic at my mother's house and had a great time with the whole family (except my brother who could not make it, but all three sisters and their spouses and kids plus a few other great people).  So it was good food, good games, good conversation, and good fun.

Christine and Patrick packed up their camp this morning and headed out.  It was great to see them and have a great visit with family.  I hope you all are having fun with family and friends this week/weekend!

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