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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer school & Pulmonary

So a quick update, mainly because I am short on time (I have to pick the kids up early from school for a second day in a row for a doctor's appointment).

So, summer school for the boys is off to a start.  Gonzalo is having an amazing summer so far.  He is in the same summer program with the same teacher that he had last year, and so far is doing beautifully.  I am so proud of him!!  HE has also been really good at home with me--amazingly helpful and obedient for the most part.

Josiah on the other hand, is slowly adjusting to the new, more supportive, structured and much more strict school.  I think in the end it will really help him learn to contain himself, and will help him stay calm.  As I look at his behavior, I am appalled, I wish I had pulled him out of the school up here when I was thinking about it, and either focused on home-school or getting him into a more appropriate program, as I think some of his behaviors and reactions are done out of habit--it was expected and not handled correctly for so long, that he has to unlearn all that he earned before he can really learn what is expected of him. I am hoping that this school program will work out well, as it really focuses on changing behavior and helping a child learn how to be more successful, both socially and academically.  He did have a fairly good day on Tuesday, so i am hoping that as the 6 weeks progress, it will be good.  He will stay in the same program for next school year as well, so these 6 weeks will really be preparing him for his normal school year.

Yesterday, Josiah had a pulmonary appointment.  He did great--he was well behaved at the doctors office (even though he had had a rough day at school prior to going to the doctor--but he slept on the way there for an hour, so that may have helped).  He did very well with his breathing test--got the rocket to the moon for the first time every!!  So his lungs are getting stronger!!  He will be going off his inhaled steroid for the summer (back on in the last week of August), to see how he handles it, as he has not needed additional steroids like prednisone in over a year!!).  She also upped his Zyrtec by another 1/2 teaspoon and changed it from as needed to daily--as he has done beautifully on the Zyrtec, but she is still seeing many signs of generalized allergy reaction.  So, overall a very successful and uplifting appointment.

After the appointment we ran around doing errands, picking up food and stuff for a picnic (cold cuts, chips, etc...), and trying to find a gas station (I hate driving round and round in cities that I am not really familiar with looking for gas stations while my car gas light has been on for too long, and my transmission began overheating again--blahhh--revved my stress up).  After getting gas and finding the playground (we looked for one with a splash pad, but alas I had not written down the address when I looked it up--so we ended up just going to the playground.  It was a hot but the kids had fun.  A couple of the slide s were too hot to even touch, so too hot to slide down, but the kids had fun and we all got sweaty, hot and tired.  Then we went to a different part of this large park (drove around to get there and it took me forever, due to unfamiliarity with the roads there--sheesh!!).  We were meeting a friend of mine for a quick hello and picnic.  It was hot so we set up under a tree, but I forgot the blanket so we just sat down int he grass in the shade.  The kids were tired.  But they munched their picnic, and  ran around.  I chatted a bit with my friend, though chatting is difficult with the kids as they require a lot of attention and intervention--especially as when Josiah is tired he can get over the top very quickly.  We did toss a ball around a bit, and then got going.  Josiah was in a mood and had some minor melt downs and bad language, and tried to scratch and bite me--I tried to diffuse it with humor, tickles, snuggles, whispers, and ignoring--when kept things at bay but not real comfortable.  So mos of my energy was just taken with keeping Josiah from having an all out tantrum.

As we were leaving I was encouraging Josiah to walk to the car, and he was saying he did not want to--during this exchange a complete stranger came up and started talking to Josiah, touching him and such and asking if he was okay.  As he did not take the hint to leave, I picked up Josiah and put him on my shoulders to carry him out (which I had been about to do when the man approached).  I asked Gonz to grab the walker, and the man asked G his name, when G said it, the man told him to speak up, so Gonz did and the man then accused him of being belligerent).  I just put myself between him and my kids and shooed my kids towards the car and away from creepy guy.  What is is about people that makes them think it is okay to just approach a disabled child and then to be rude and weird to both the kids and the parent.  Josiah tends to draw a lot of attention, and sometimes it is okay, and other times--it is just extremely uncomfortable and creepy.  Sometimes I am not sure how to handle that, as usually peopel don't get creepy.  Usually I just let them say hi and we continue on.

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