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Monday, June 27, 2011

The first official day of summer vacation for the boys...

So today is the first official week of summer vacation for the kids.  Well, they actually start summer school on July 5th for 6 weeks, but summer programing is more camp-like than the regular school year.  So this morning we ran errands--We had to go over to the health department to get fill out my monthly transportation time card so I can get paid for June.  While we were there, the boys chatted with their Grandma (My mom works for the health department nursing service in their IT department), and we bumped into the WIC program person.  She had some bike helmets still from the early June bike helmet give away and so the boys got fitted for new bike helmets, which is great as they outgrew theirs last year.  Now I just need to get G a new bike, as his was crunched under the trailer's porch when it collapsed under the weight of the snow this winter.  J's tricycle was unharmed luckily as it was at the apartment.  So now G needs a new (used) bike.  I was going to go down to the transfer center where there is a little building where people can drop off items that are still good that they just don't want anymore. Hopefully there will be a kids bike there. We will have to wait until Thursday though as we just didn't make it there today, as they are closed tomorrow and Wendnesday.

Anyway, after leaving the county building with my card filled out and turned in, and carrying their new bike helmets, we then headed over to the post office.  I finally got another letter from the IRS, and it was good news.  The finished their minor audit/review and will be releasing my refund in 2-3 weeks.  So HUGE sigh of relief as I have been waiting on that refund (which is larger than normal) for a few months now.  As I did not get that jobI had ben in the running for (and no other applications have panned out), this refund is going to be used to pay our living expenses ahead a couple of months to give me more time to generate a way to bring in an income, as the transportation is done once summer school ends.  Jos is going to regular, main stream kindergarten in September, and both boys will be transported by bus.  SO I have a couple more months to get a couple more writing gigs that pay money and are somewhat stable, and find other ways to fill in the gaps.  I could do a money making blog, but I really just like doing this blog, which is kind of like public journaling but with more self-control.  I will have to think about how to do a secondary blog if I decide to use it to generate an income.  I have a few idea of ways to incorporate more income generating things into my website (, but I am unsure how much I want to focus on generating an income that way, as I enjoy sharing things on that website that mean things to me without the added pressure of making money.  While I do have a few affiliate links, they are only for things that I really like and want to share, and some of my links on there have no affiliate kickback whatsoever.  I just like to share things that I have found useful on my journey.  Perhaps focusing on more articles and promoting the website more will generate some semblance of a useful income.  Then there is always the books in progress, but those often take a long time even once finished to get published and start making an income from.  I am not too worried, I will come up with something, God always provides, this is something that I know from experience., and the refund to pay ahead is going to reduce stress greatly in the daily living expenses area.
Anyway, after the post office we stopped over at Community Action to get a food box.  I am worried that next week we will be hard pressed on gas money to get the kids to their programming, as it is another one of those 5 weeks between paychecks months (darn months with 5 Thursdays, they mess up my budgeting).  So I am trying to stretch the funds I have to make it through the 8th.  At least I don't have to drive this week, but I do need enough for next week's 400 miles of driving necessity.  So we again made use of the food pantry. They were very low on food today though, I was surprised.  but then again the economy is not bouncing back very well and here, where summer tourism drives the economy, people are just starting on the summer season.  So I imagine there were a number of families that still needed it this month.  It is also the end of the month, so pickings get slim as you get nearer to their restocking day.  I look forward to when I can give donations again to them again instead of having to be the recipient. 

After that we came home and I put a patch on their blow up pool thingy, then we spent a couple hours of fun with the hose and filling the little pool in the back yard.  The patch does not seem to be holding very well, but that's okay.  I borrowed a hand pump from my former neighbor to blow it up.  At some point I want to find an electric air pump, which will make it easier to inflate every day.  Time to check the free section of craigslist for both a bike for G and an air pump.  I miss the freecycle community from the Ithaca area, what an amazingly active group that was.  I both got and gave a great many things through freecyle.  But alas, this very rural area does not really lend itself to an active freecyle list.  Anyway, the kids had a blast in the kiddie pool, splashing and spraying with the hose.  They played in the water quite a bit longer than I thought they would, as the hose is COLD water.  But they had a lot of fun.  We came in and got dry clothes on, and then the kids watched a video and ate some food.

A mother woodpecker ran into the window and stunned herself.  She has a nest of babies in the woods on the other side of the driveway, and boy are those baby's LOUD.  She and the father woodpecker work tirelessly bringing food back to the whole in the tree for the little ones.  I am not sure how many, as the nest is in a hole in a broken off tree and is over 15 feet up the trunk.  I just know that they are loud and the mother is always collecting food for them.  They have quieted down over the past couple of days, so they must be getting bigger.  Anyway, she was going after a green moth and hit the window hard.  We went out to protect her from the dog and cat, who were both interested in getting a closer look.  She was stunned but after a few minutes she came around, and was more alert.  Nothing appeared broken, and she was not bleeding anywhere.  After another few minutes she flew up to hang on the porch ceiling.  Then a while after that she flew away.  I was glad the kids could see the bird get better.  The other day we came home to a dead robin in the same spot.  His neck was broken when he ran into the window, the poor little dear.

It is now nearly 5:00.  The kids are playing video games, and I was working on entering my food journal for the day.  I know I originally started this blog with food journalling, but I got away from them and less consistent in my journalling.  I decided to start food journaling in a way that game me more concrete information without having to do a lot of digging.  So I starting using Spark People and now I am getting better at keeping track of my food because it gives you a lot of nutritional info tracking as well as calorie tracking and carb, fat, and protein gram tracking.  I can even track my glucose levels and water intake, as well as fitness if I can figure that part out.  So if you want to follow my food tracking and weight loss, it is on

I had gained back a few pounds from my initial weight loss that I started tracking with this blog, but since I started tracking again last week, I have lost over 5 pounds.  So that is a good thing.  I definitely have found keeping track of everything you eat makes a huge difference.  I also am focused right now on keeping my calories down to around 2000 a day, with the hope that after that becomes the norm in a couple of weeks, I will then focus on the 1800 calorie limit my doctor would like for me.  My pre-breakfast glucose levels have also been going down.  Though I forgot to take my herbal and alternative supplements yesterday and I saw a rise in my glucose for this morning, so it seems my combination of supplements is having an effect.  My doctor is willing to let me try this method for a few months, and if it shows good results, she may be less pressuring about being on certain pharmaceutical meds that I do not like the idea of being on.  I told her that if I can not get it under control with diet, exercise and supplements (like cinnamon--that yummy stuff you put on your oatmeal and in cookies, and garlic--another amazingly flavorful food with great medicinal benefit), then I will go on the pharma meds. 

Well, at some point I will get back to the story of how life changed when Jos came homes, which I had
started here : Thinking...Part 4

But alas it has taken me nearly two hours to write this post as I have been stopping and doing things with the boys, and dealing with the sibling rivalry issues that are rampant in my house.  As well as swinging Jos and tickling the boys, and being silly, not to mention the bird thing and just other things that have popped up since I started this post.  So I should end it and start thinking about making dinner...

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