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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thinking....part 2....

Well, it seems weird to call it thinking part two (as when do we even NOT think) but to keep it consistent as it is really the extension of yesterday's post, I figured it was best to do that...

So, where was I...oh yes, so we decide that both emotionally and financially pushing forward with the international adoption was not something we were able to do at the time, we turned our focus to adopting a child from the US foster care system.  We got our homestudy revamped for that focus, and began inquiring on children that were available that we felt would be a good match for our family.  We sent out over 60 inquiries.  We heard back from only about 15 (which is really incredibly high, as usually you don't even get any word, so to even hear back from 25% is huge.  Most we were told either were already in a matching process, or that we were not a fit for their criteria.  There were a couple that were interested in seeing our family profile and pictures.

...sorry for the interrupted story, I'll have to finish later, I just wanted you all to know that I did write a bit today...time is moving too fast some days.

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