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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another step closer to finishing...

SO...This morning the electrical inspector came and did the final inspection for the electrical, and we passed, no problem.  So ONE final inspection down, and the big one to come...

The toilet is in and functioning perfectly.  Now I just need to hook up the water to the tub, and the bathroom is set.

The kitchen cupboards are being put in as we speak (I was just there helping my Dad get them laid out,and now am babysitting, but my little charge fell asleep after her morning at the arts center, So I have a few moments to update my blog).  We are getting closer and closer to calling the kitchen done.

A great gift arrived yesterday--my step-father, who runs a carpet cleaning business, was doing his annual spring cleaning of carpets at a nice hotel, and they were replacing some carpet in a few of the rooms and asked, somewhat jokingly, if he knew wanted any carpet.  They were surprised when he said yes.  So, he showed up at the house yesterday with his van full of nice, slightly used, but still in great shape carpet--and will be bringing more today--enough to do the boys rooms, the living room, the hallway, AND the large daycare area!!  So, I have been greatly blessed again by the generosity of people who were giving away slightly used but in great shape stuff for the house--and much more so by my step-father has been the one who seems to meet these people and is always keeping his eyes and ears open for--so I am truly blessed to have such a magnet in my life.  Thank you Jim!!

As the week goes on, I hope to take a few pictures and post them.  I just need to tighten up the firewall (be meticulous about going around with foam and caulk to hit any spots we missed), install the self closing hinges and correct door latch, and the firewall will be ready for its final inspection.  I think we still have to grab CO alarms as well, as I have battery operated ones, but I think they need to be hardwired, still not clear from the wording of the codes.  Aside from that, I believe we have completed all of the requirements for the final inspection, so if I all goes well, I should be able to get down to get the last of the supplies to finish up tonight, and by Thursday we could be having the final inspection. 

After the CO we can finish the flooring and molding, and move in this weekend if all goes well--Keep your fingers crossed, and your prayers/positive energy/good thoughts flowing our way.

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