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Friday, May 11, 2012

Quick post...

I think we have it--the certificate of occupancy!  So this weekend is moving in weekend!!  I'll post a picture once I have it in hand and have a chance to take a picture.  I am still hesitant to shout if from the rooftops until the piece of paper is in my hand, but....the inspector did say something like "this place is far enough along to be lived in" and we passed all of the electrical, plumbing and fire codes, so unless he changed his mind on the way back tot he office, we should have it.  (I know call me a skeptic, but I have had the experience of thinking something was  a done deal, and having people suddenly change their minds at the last written confirmation is a good thing).  Flooring is the name of the game for the next couple of days...

Okay, the other things that I am starting, now that this housing project is wrapping up and I need to return to my much neglected rest-of-my-life:

My quest for health--I have decided to follow Blobmosis for a new jump start on my path to healthy eating.  As the guy who created blobmosis has a focus on whole foods, but without being a complete health craze person, I decided it would be a good place to start, as I have been moving away from processed food, which are SO SO SO bad for the human body in so many ways, and trying to transition to just whole foods.  So, as he already has a daily menu that is emailed to you daily for the first 28 days, I thought it would be an easy way to not have to think too much about it (as my head is still on the house and starting the daycare which has a lot to do now), and still be able to start bring my body back into healthy eating.

I have also signed up for Joanie McMahon's free 17 day course on Following your Dreams as I have really gotten away from a lot of the Law of Attraction and other spiritual paths that help me stay centered, focused, and exploring/creating who I am.  So I figured a basic walk through of the ideas and concepts would be good for me again, as my focus has shifted so much to the negative and I need to start getting back to who I am and who I am seeking to be. 

The Tapping World  Summit is underway ( I know early on with this blog I had talked about EFT and said I was going to get more in depth into to, but I never did even though I did use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or at least the basic meridian tapping with focused phrases, and found them to work amazingly, I just did not stay up with it...) and is a couple of days into it now.  It is an amazing series and I would suggest that anyone struggling with anything should at least check it out.  The basic information on the Tapping Solutions page is very valuable, even if you do not go to the Tapping World Summit information.

So, I will update more later, and hopefully post some pictures of the house, and keep you updated on the move in process!!

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