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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Coming along well update

The house is coming along well.  I always want it to go faster than it is, but that is my own impatience.  Josiah's room is now ready for trim and carpet--and then is done, done.  Gonzo room will be painted and panelled today, so it is getting close to ready.  The bathroom WOULD have been done (except for trim) yesterday if the flange was not 1/4" too long, so the toilet can not be put in under we either get a different flange OR modify the hole for the toilet, which is more complicated than it sounds given that the house is on a concrete slab and the bathroom floor is raised up to accommodate plumbing drains, and everything with the holes/drains are already set in place--so changing anything with the drains and holes would just be a really big project--so I think unless another brilliant idea comes along, we will be waiting another day or so to go out of town to buy a new toilet flange....

The kitchen cupboards should be going up today; the firewall is done aside from one last go over with the fireproofing caulk to make sure there were no gaps missed; the only painting other than Gonzo's room is the big hallway where the pantry will eventually be.  So we are very close to being able to move from the renovation phase to the clean-up-to-live-there phase.

There will still be a couple of building projects to finish later--after the certificate of occupancy and official move in--many because they are not necessary, just nice to have, I do not yet have the materials to do them, and time is of the essence--so the linen closet, pantry, and coat closet will all be put in afterwards.  But those are little individual projects, and can be done on the weekends one at a time. 

So, the electrical inspector should be back tomorrow or Tuesday, and we will hopefully be able to get on his schedule this week.  And after we have that inspection, we can call in the building inspector for the final inspection.  So wish me luck, say a prayer, send me positive energy--the whole shebang.  Josiah is so excited about the house getting done, so I am hoping that next weekend can be out official move-in weekend.  :)

I will post pictures later this week....I will also give an update on the school situation later this week sometime (I hope), depending on how the inspections go.  I am trying to focus on only one stressful issue at a time, and while I am dealing with school related stuff, talking about it it, publically reflecting on it, and such is more stressful than just dealing with it (though cathartic and helps to process things a little more easily--it still takes more mental/emotional energy than I have to spare right now).  So, I will be getting back to that once the current house stress is reduced.

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