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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms, moms-to-be, foster moms, mother figures, stand-in moms, and moms-sometime-later-in-the-future.  I hope that your day is filled with sunshine, that your children and thoughts of your children are shiny and rosy, and that you know how much you are appreciated.  Mothering often feels like a thankless job in so many ways, and it is good to have a day to remember to say thank you to your own mother.  And also say thank you to yourselves.

For all the things moms do:
from cleaning dirty diapers and middle of the night feedings,
to cleaning up the messy game room and feeding all of your crazy friends
from snuggles in the rocking chair and watching you sleep, thinking you look like an angel,
to snuggling together on the couch with a movie, and letting you sleep in on a Saturday.
from laughing as you finger painted the whole table and giving you kisses on your boo boos (both real and imagined,
to cheering you on in your theater, sport, music, or art event and holding you while you cried about a crush,
from proudly seeing you off to kindergarten (and quietly wiping away tears about how fast you are growing up)
to celebrating your graduation from high school and your next steps into adult hood (while quietly wiping away tears about how fast you are growing up)
from going to all your school plays and concerts, even though the quality left a lot to be desired, AND for being genuinely impressed and proud of how great you all did,
to posting and reposting on facebook all of your achievements as an adult as if they should be front page news.

To all the Love that moms give, even when they are grumpy and tired, even when they do not agree with your life choices, even when they think you are making a mistake

May you have a blessed day.

And to my Mom--
(here is my mom, click to hear her music!!)

Thank you for all that you do, everyday in every situation, for being there for me, and for not always saying "I told you so" even when you could have.

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