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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Happy New Year

I saw a MOOSE!!  This morning on the drive to school.  I have always wanted to see a moose, even living in the mountains for the first 17 1/2 years of my life, and for the past 3 1/2 years have been back here, and had never seen a real, live moose in that whole time.  So I am very excited that I have seen a moose this morning.  I think it is a sign that bodes well for this new year.  Now, on to the actual post...

Well, the holiday bustle (insane craziness?!?) is over, the multiple celebrations of Christmas were wonderful and amazing.

The first celebration was with A's family the weekend of the 15th, which i mentioned previously. Then was Christmas day itself with myself, A and A's friend L, and the boys for the morning.  My Mom and step-dad came over for breakfast and present opening.  Which we did in that order, the opposite of what we normally do. As usual we all opened stockings when we first got up.  L was surprised by a stocking for her as she was just a visitor, but I told her that Santa knows where everyone is, and no one in my house goes without a stocking on Christmas morning.  After that we hung out and ate candy and waited for Grandma and Grampa Jim to arrive.  Josiah was getting antsy and really wanted to open presents.  While I was making coffee I heard a ripping sound followed by "wow, cool" as Josiah went under the tree, found a present with his name on it and opened it.  Luckily he was calm about waiting until it was time after that.

So we had a great Christmas morning, had fun opening presents, had a wonderful Christmas breakfast, and my Mom cooked which was an unexpected surprise.  Then we just hung out and played at home for the afternoon.  I got a turkey in the oven and got the house set up for  having everyone come for Christmas dinner. So in the evening My mom and step-dad, my dad, my brother, our family friend JoAnn, My sister S and her husband and 4 kids, and my sister A with her 2 kids, boyfriend and boyfriends mother all joined me, A, L and the boys.  We had a great time with lots of food, laughter, a nerf dart crazy playing time, and just an all around good time.  It was the best Christmas that I have had in years.

Then Friday my sister C and her husband and 2 kids came up from South Carolina, and we had a great day.  We went sledding at my father's house (who has a huge hill in front of his house that is GREAT for sledding on), and had hot chocolate (and coffee) , cookies and popcorn. Then we went to my Mom's house for a great ham and chicken dinner, and a lot of gift opening as that is when we do out big family gift giving time.  Aside from one little conversation that dug at me a bit, the overall day. family visit and celebration time was amazing.

My best friend who was supposed to come out for a few days between Christmas and New Years was unable to come due to car trouble.  So I got a few days of just the kids and myself at home, relaxing, doing laundry, playing with our new toys and such.  New Year's eve was quiet and peaceful. New Year's Day was spend getting ready for the start of school, and then a quiet dinner with my mother as my step-dad had to go out of town for work.  So a great soup and roll-up dinner, good conversation, and then home to put the kids to bed.

Then the longest night of insomnia, not the "oh I am so overtired but I can not sleep" kind of insomnia, no, the "I am so awake and alert and have all sorts of ideas that I can't get myself to sleep" kind.  So I am fairly tired today, as I barely even napped on and off last night. So today the kids are back at school, I am back to my running around, and I have many new ideas for how to keep the transformations of my life going in the direction I want them to.   I will share those in another post...

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