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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 3 New Start 2013

Well, honestly I am feeling very blue today, though I am not sure why.  I did not sleep well last night--actually have not been sleeping well for the past week or so, so I am sure that has a lot to do with how I am feeling.

Josiah had a great day at school yesterday, as did Gonzo. Gonz usually has great days lately, but for Josiah this was his first really good day since returning from the holiday break.  So that was wonderful.  Yesterday Josiah was upset in the morning because I did not make him waffles, mainly because he got up nearly half an hour after I started the whole wake up routine, and then asked for waffles and there was not enough time to make them, as I had to dress him quickly, and get him in the car and on the road for school, so he had to make due with cereal in the car (he does get breakfast AT school as well, but it takes over an hour to get to school, so I always make sure he either eats something before we leave or we take dry cereal to snack on in the car).  Anyway, so this morning, he popped out of bed on the first wake up call, and immediately asked if I would make waffles,which I did.  I am grateful that my father got me a new waffle iron for Christmas as it cooks faster and more evenly than my old one (which was from the 60's or 70's--so REALLY old for a kitchen appliance).  So, I made waffles for my little guys this morning before school, which seemed to make them happy.  I used to make them often, and now with the new iron,  I think we will resume the fresh waffles from breakfast habit.

I have found that when I feel blue, I do not make good food choices.  Even though I packed a good nutritious lunch for today. I did not eat the waffles this morning because I am trying to watch my carb intake, but I also forgot to pack a protein based breakfast.  That combined with my blues, I ended up hitting McDonald's and getting a breakfast value meal there (Sausage McMuffin with egg meal with a large coffee, cream only)--so out $5, up 620 calories, 45 gr carbs, 38 gr fat, and only 20 gr protein, not to mention far too many chemicals and preservatives!  But, what is done is done and tomorrow is a new day.

At least for lunch I brought turkey breast, cheddar cheese, cucumber, raw broccoli, and an apple.  So a much more diabetic friendly and health conscious meal than the wretched breakfast that I had.  Well, off to write some more in my book...

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