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Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 5 New Start 2013

Okay, so I need to title these a little better, but for right now just ticking off the days as I enter this new phase of commitment to transforming my physical health is probably okay.

Have had an uneventful day.  had coffee and eggs with A when I dropped off the boys stuff for their overnight tonight.  I will drop them off there after school, but find it is easier to drop their stuff off separately.

As I have done nothing with my elliptical trainer this week, as I have a million things to do in the afternoon/evening after I get home, I have decided that I will add the new expense to the budget and sign up for the YMCA, which will become part of my my morning routine after dropping the kids off at school and before heading to the library to write.  My body needs to move, and when I was walking 2-4 miles a day I felt much better, my blood sugar was better controlled, and I was more motivated to continue to create good eating habits.  Since I have not been walking, I find everything is harder.  So to make my life easier, I NEED to adding daily exercise, so that my energy can flow through my body and through my life.  So, beginning Monday, the Y will be my first stop of the day.

Food tracking for today is so far (11:45 am): 2 eggs cooked with 0.5 TBS butter, 1/3 cup raw, natural almonds, 2 cups of coffee with half&half, and 4 cups of water.  i forgot to bring my lunch today, so I am going to swing by the grocery store.  My plan is to grab kale, cottage cheese (or maybe the tuna in a pouch), dill pickles, and apples--a much better plan both for my wallet and for my body than stopping and buying something already prepared--like fast food.

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