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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 6 of a New Start 2013

Okay, so last night after dropping the kids off for their weekly overnight with A, the warm (>32 degrees F) rain was melting the snow and ice on the roof, and my bedroom ceiling was leaking horribly!!  I know the roof needs work, and I had hoped to get things done before winter, but had not had too many issues over the summer so figured it could wait until next year.  But the ice creates a dam and the melting snow  and rain backed up on the roof, and now I have a wet ceiling and wall and carpet (as it had been leaking for a couple of hours before I got home and put a bucket under the leak),and bubbling paint where the water was UNDER the paint both on the ceiling and the wall.  So I spent sometime crouching and crawling around in the attic last night trying to do some make-shift water re-routing to reduce the damage.

It was a good thing I did too, because there were sections where the insulation had not been laid back down after work was done in a number of places in the attic.    So I had been losing heat in a number of places through the ceiling,as there were a lot of exposed little pockets.  So it is now all laid back down, so hopefully I will not lose so much heat.My makeshift water routing did not work well,as the ceiling continued to drip for a number of hours after wards.  But at least my bedroom, which had been FREEZING to the point that  I have been sleeping in Josiah's room for the past 10 days or so (Josiah had been having trouble sleeping, so I had set the trundle bed up in Gonzo's room a few weeks ago, as he slept better when he was not alone, so he has not been sleeping in his  bed anyway).

Today was a calmer day, hung out with the rabbits, cleaned their cage,did some laundry, did some dishes, and vacuumed the house, then went to A's house to pick the kids up (an hour away), drive home, made dinner, and now am about to put the rugrats to bed.  I did not get as much done today as I had planned, but that is okay, tomorrow is a new day.

I did, however do very well with my eating today, as my blood sugar has been scarily high lately, so I am extra motivated to get it down.  So, my food tracking for today is:

2 eggs fried in coconut oil
1 apple
3 cups of coffee w/milk
2 cups water

Tuna fish 1/2 cup
1 TBS thousand island dressing
2 small dill pickles
(the above all mixed together)
1.5 cups of raw broccoli
3 cups water

1 Breakstone Live and Active 4oz cottage cheese
1 cup coffee w/cream and 1 sugar packet

2 cups Shrimp Stir Fry (no carb underneath for me--kids had whole wheat egg noodles under theirs)
3/4 cup cottage cheese (regular)

Shrimp Stirfry Recipe
over medium heat:
2 TBS coconut oil melted in wok
stir in 3/4 cup chopped onion, caramelize
add in two cloves fresh garlic, finely chopped
Add in 6 sliced fresh mushrooms, stir occasionally until slightly softened
Add in one broccoli crown,copped (about 3 cups)
Add 1 cup water, stir well
Add 2 cups chopped fresh spinach
stir well, add spices (I used tarragon, basil, and oregano tonight--curry is really good in this dish)
Add 8 oz frozen tiny or small shrimp (heads and tails removed, de-veined--I used precooked ones as they were on sale)
stir well
cover and let simmer for 5-10minutes
uncover for last 3 minutes and let cook down to desired liquid amount
serve hot, either as is, or over brown rice or whole wheat egg noodles.

ate a larger snack than I expected
--1 can condensed chicken noodle soup (I know processed crap)
--1/2 cup cottage cheese
--3 cups of herbal tea

all totaled though, I had only 1421 calories and 111 grams of carbs today, so mostly within my limits.

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