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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 2 of a New Start 2013

So, yesterday I was insanely scatter brained.  It was one of those highly distractable, high anxiety days for no good reason.  Weird the way our bodies and emotions react sometimes.

So I realized on the way home yesterday afternoon, that while I had gone to the gas station and paid for $20 worth of gas, I forgot to actually pump it!!  Yes, I was one of those overly distracted, stupid people who prepayed for my gas in cash, and then went out and got in my car and drove away without actually putting the gas IN my tank.    Which I did not even notice until about 3 hours later when I was driving home after getting the kids from school and the gas light came on.  So came the scrounging for change which got me $4.23 in gas until I got to the bank to get more and actually put $20 in my tank. Ah, the days of scattered mind processes.  On a good note though, i went back to the gas station this morning, to see if there was any chance of getting my money back and the manager reviewed the tapes from yesterday which clearly showed me NOT pumping my gas.  And even though someone pulled in right behind me and filled their tank with my $20, the manager was kind enough to let me fill up on the $20 in gas that I paid for yesterday, even though the person who pulled in after me used it.  So that was a huge blessing, as I drive so much (over 120 miles a day) that money for gas is quite tight.

So, my day this far has been good.  Much less scattered and anxious than yesterday was.

Yesterday was not totally crazy, I did get my grocery shopping done, and when I got home I did a thorough cleaning of the fridge, as there was a mysterious odor coming from one of the leftovers-turned-science-experiment somewhere in the back.  So now I have a nice, clean fridge, stocked with good food.  I also was able to bring my Dad some groceries.  I was not sure what he needed but I brought him a couple of his staples--corn flakes, 100% whole wheat bread, and peanut butter.  He said he needs to do a big grocery shop, so I need to find a day to bring him down so he can restock his cupboards.  But at least he has his typical breakfast and lunch for the next few days.  Next Monday would probably be a good day for that.

As for exercise, I have not done any today yet...I am torn between using the membership-reduction scholarship that I got from the YMCA (thus having access to a wide variety of exercise options, though still at a cost in a very tight budget) or getting my elliptical machine oiled up and working out at home for free.  It is a good machine (cost nearly $600 when we bought it nearly 7 years ago).  And it is in good shape for the most part, still safe and functional.   I am torn for a variety of reasons--one of the primary ones is the money, as even with a scholarship from the YMCA, it is still another monthly line item in the budget which is barely staying afloat as it is, secondly, if things go belly up with my car and I have paid for a membership, I will be unable to use it, and thirdly, I am more comfortable exercising at home than I am with other people, many of whom are far more fit than me (self-image issues), though the Y would be a great place to meet new people and make new friends, which is something that I have been wanting to do for a while now. decisions, decisions...

Anyway, I need to get to work, have many pages to write before my time to pick up the boys arrives...

Oh, food tracking as of 11:40am--1 apple, 1 Cumberland farms Sausage, Egg, and Cheese sandwich (neither good for the wallet nor the health goals!), 2 cups of coffee with half and half, & 1 small cocoa, and of course 3 cups of water.

There reminder of the day food tracking: 3 cucumbers, 1/2 cup hummus, 3/4 cup of veggie bow ties with collard greens and kidney beans, 4 oz roasted turkey breast (not cold cuts, roasted a whole, fresh turkey breast), 1 cup roasted red potatoes, 1 steamed broccoli crown, 3 steamed cauliflower florets, 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 bowl Captain Crunch with milk. another 7-8 cups of water.

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