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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Articles, Sharing, Thoughts...Oh My!

I recently wrote an article about losing actual fat in the weight loss process, a follow up to an earlier article I wrote about water weight.  I was trying to figure out how to link them as hyperlinks in this blog post.  But alas I have not yet figure out how to do a direct link. (UPDATE:figured out how to do direct link, hope they work) Instead I can put in a link to my Yahoo Contributor Profile, which lists all of the articles I have written for that site (which used to be Associated Content before Yahoo bought them out) since 2007.  I written much more on this blog than I have on Contributor, but I actually make a few pennies per view there, where as the blog I write more for my own benefit to share my thoughts, experiences, and any knowledge or insight I have gained with whomever may find it helpful, useful, inspiring or entertaining.  I am working on getting back to writing a series of Contributor articles on how the body works in regards to losing weight, as so much focuses on products rather than understanding your own body processes.

 I also am hoping to get back to writing articles of a more spiritual perspective fore my website, which has been sorely neglected over the past year...sort of like my own spiritual life.  Gaining a love partner turned fiance, and struggling with that fiances issues with addiction to alcohol in addition to peace-mealing income sources together and managing two kids with special needs, in addition to my own health issues and resurgence of depressive challenges has really slowed down my writing--be it articles, blog, website, or freelance assignments.  So, it is time to shift back into sharing and exploring physical functioning (articles on weight and body), spiritual insights (on my website), and daily thoughts, goals, and experiences (on this blog).  I think getting back to getting out of my own head and sharing with the world at large (ie the internet sphere), it might be helpful with transformation again in my life.

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