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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Change, slow but sure...

Not really a New Years Resolution, just a good time to get myself refocused as the holidays are over and no major events are coming up soon, so a good time to work on new habits.  Making changes can be done at anytime of the year.  So I am again focusing on a few things.

The first being my nemesis--weight loss.  Focusing on 10 pounds a month for a year (120 lbs total) as my goal.  definitely different from my original goal a few years back of 80 pounds in 80 days.  I have learned it takes time to develop new habits, and being healthy/working towards greater health is not a race to the finish line, it is gradual lasting changes, and being okay with the cha-cha of two steps forward one step back, repeating over and over again, as long as the overall progress is forward.

The second is setting healthy boundaries in my relationships--my fiance and the issues involved in that relationship, the challenges my children present me with, the conflicts within my extended family, and increasing time given to friends far and wide as I have neglected them quite a bit these past few years.

The third is to really ramp up my income, which has been less than making ends meet since the kids arrived in my life 8 and 7 years ago, and even harder after becoming a single mom to two kids with special needs nearly 4 years ago.  The kids needs are now better defined, they have fewer doctor appointments, their school program are working for them (as in the programs are handling their issues appropriately and successfully, not that there are no issues) so almost no mid-day calls with issues from their school programs.  So I am ramping up my income earning potential.  I am looking at either increasing the nursery school (which only has one student at this point--poor rural area, especially in the winter) or discontinuing it, picking up more freelance writing articles, actually getting back to writing my book and articles of interest, doing the blog on a regular basis, updating my website more often, and exploring services and products to promote that I really believe in.

For blogging, one of my goals is to again post my daily food intake, both to see where I am doing well and where I need to improve...hopefully that will keep me on track better both with my weight/health goals, and with my blogging goals.  The other is to really explore helpful hints for those who are, like me, seeking to transform their lives.  Some people are able to transform quickly, and others of us make a long process out of it...luckily it is not a race, and each of us transforms and repeats cycles at our own pace, preparing for change and then changing.  Slowly but surely, life does transform.

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