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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

long weekend and tummy troubles

One of the issues with the long weekend is that life gets busy.  Between the puppy and celebrating one year with my fiance (we started talking one year ago on January 19th), well I have been eating weird and had a couple of glasses of wine.  This has resulted in tummy troubles, probably because a new puppy is an awful lot like a new baby int hat they keep waking you up crying at night, and you are forever cleaning up bodily fluids and solids, though instead of being neatly contained in a diaper, you end up with little bombs in various places.  While he is getting better at going outside, and is starting to whine a bit when he needs to go to let me know that (at least for pee), training is still al long and gross process.

But between lack of sleep, extra stress, and the wine possibly, my tummy has been having some troubles.  So  I am not food tracking the last couple of days.  I will get back to tomorrow and hopefully will also feel a heck of a lot better by then too.

I have spent the day trying to really hit the pavement on job applications, though in today's world for technical lab jobs, that means hitting the internet and filling out a bunch of online application forms, writing cover letters, and tailoring my circum vitae resume.  though usually I just leave the CV as is as most jobs are similar enough and match my skill set/experience  and tailor the cover letter to highlight my experience that pertains to that job.  I am really going to look into relocating as there is just nothing around here for jobs.  I hate the idea of moving, finding a handicap accessible place that takes dogs and hopefully a farm that can take chickens as my ability to purchase a house is impaired due to a long time of living on very little money and having back medical bills on my credit report for Josiah's issues when he was a baby and needed all those medical interventions prior to having secondary insurance (we had primary insurance but 200K for one hospital stay even paid at 90% still leaves over 20K owed, and he had multiple hospital stays).  SO within a few years of securing a position I should be able to repair my credit and save up for a good down payment on a small farm.  Until then, my brother can probably take my chickens. I would love to go back to a college town as in a small city with a large research university.  I don not necessarily have to work at the university, but I like that types of city with surround rural areas.

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