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Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 1--the end of the day

Okay, so to finalize my food jounraling of the day...

For dinner I had a turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread and a smidge of mayo.  I also had about 8 oz of 100% grape juice.

For a night time snack I had a serving of left over chicken and rice soup (homemade with white beans and carrots).  I also had 12 oz water.

Tomorrow is a new day.  My hope is that not only will I be better prepared tomorrow for my meals, but that I will have a greater sense of control over my craving.  some EFT and breathing meditations should help.  A good night's sleep would do wonders.  But alas it is midnight as I post this and my alarm goes off at 6am.  I was watching Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy  on Netflix, and should have stopped one before I did. 

Off to be now.  Six hours would not be too bad.  I have had many years where I have averaged far less on a regular basis....Sleep tight readers...

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