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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 5--TGIF...

Thank God it's Friday!!! Overall it has been a good week, but the weekend is always a nice thing--no DRIVING!!!

this has beenan odd week to start this bolg, as I really have not done the things that I had planned on doing on a daily basis, like pre planning my meals, packing a lunch each day, walking every day, and various meditative and tapping techniques to help keep me focused in apositive direction towards the goals of making my life better.  But overall, I am finding that blogging is quite cathartic.  And the more I write, the more free I feel.  As I am trying to really build up an income as a freelance writer, doing the blog has helped unclog some writers block that I have had going on for a while. 
Okay, so it's Saturday mornig and I never got back to finish yesterday's post.  It was a whirl wind of a day with A's birthday party.  50 years old, the start of a new era for A. 

I am not goign to write what I ate because frankly, I can not remember everything... I don't remember what I did for breakfast, I ate lunch in the car on the run (so probably almods and a cheese snack).  Dinner was a baked ziti, salad, and garlic bread, followed by chocolate cake with purple icing.  but what quantities and such for the dinner (I had one fairly large pice of cake) I did not actually pay attention to.  There was also some tortilla chips and bean dip inthere somewhere.  And soem coffee and seltzer (not together).

Anyway, it was a crazy day with a crazy eating pattern.  And I will blog again later, as we are meeting A and A's sister for brunch ina few minutes before A's sister has to head home....

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