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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 2--A beautiful morning

Well, today has shown up bright and sunny, the snow is beginning to melt, AND  I heard birds on my way in to the library.  Spring is definitly on its way :)

So this morning I was a little better prepared.  I brought my breakfast and lunch, and will be less likely to give into cravings and those spontaneous "ooh that looks yummy" moments.

For breakfast, after dropping the kids off, I sat near Hovey Pond (there is still too much snow toactually get in and enjoy the pond, but the parking lot is still peaceful) in my car and shut the radio off--the great peace of silence.  I had 2 packets of plain instant oatmeal with diced canned peaches (in juice not syrup) and cinnamon.  And a cup of hot, black tea.  And about 8oz of water.

So that is a good breakfast (ar at least a good one for being prepared in the car--I need to get a hot pot that can plug into the car's lighter if I am going to be doing this for another year, which I hope to NOT be doing this long drive for another year).

I have been doing a lot of contemplating, and writing over the past week or so.  I have also been able to get 3 articles finished enough to publish on associated content, and plan to do at least 1-2 each weekday as I continue on my jounrey towars wholeness.  As I mentioned before, it is less about the weight loss for me than it is about reclaiming and rebuilding my life.  Waking up from a long sleep, a bit groggy, but looking forward to a new day--that's what  my life feels like at this point.

Anyway, here are some links to the articles I have been writing:
One on Acceptance--
One on Forgiveness--
One on Balance--

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